About BeefyGreen

What is BeefyGreen?

BeefyGreen is a premium quality meat alternative. BeefyGreen lets you create delicious foods with less meat or no meat at all, without compromising the flavor, texture, and juiciness of meat in every bite.

About Us

BeefyGreen was born in the heart of the Netherlands, a global leader in agricultural innovation.

We are driven by a desire to support earth-friendly, sustainable food production. We help companies green their food products by reducing waste, lowering environmental impact, and developing sustainable products that meet the needs of customers now and into the future. 

Our founders pride themselves on the quality of our products, and our team of growers and food scientists are constantly looking for new ways for BeefyGreen to help our customers build on their successes. We are truly a partner in innovation. 

Why BeefyGreen?

With BeefyGreen, you don’t have to modify your recipes or cooking methods to lower the meat content, so you can make your favorite recipes and traditional dishes the same way you always have. And food innovators love BeefyGreen for the way it opens up new opportunities, new methods, and new markets in the changing food landscape.

BeefyGreen products are made of pure oyster mushrooms. Using mushrooms as a meat substitute isn’t new, so what’s so special about BeefyGreen? 

  • Unlike white button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms are grown in a substrate of natural straw.
  • Oyster mushrooms retain more moisture during preparation, creating a tender, juicy bite that marries perfectly with meat
  • Oyster mushrooms have a longer, more resilient fiber structure that doesn't break down and become mushy. They retain the satisfying chew and texture of meat, even after cooking and processing
  • BeefyGreen oyster mushrooms are grown naturally and sustainably, using the most advanced Dutch food production methods
  • BeefyGreen hand-selects the hearts of oyster mushrooms, ensuring the highest quality and best value for their customers
  • BeefyGreen oyster mushroom hearts are cleaned and pasteurized, so they are food-safe and processing-ready from the moment you receive them
  • BeefyGreen customizes their products to your needs, offering a wide range of blends and options, in quantities designed for food producers

BeefyGreen products are designed give food service companies, butchers, and food producers a meat alternative that is premium quality, customized for their needs, and ready to use. Contact us today to find out how BeefyGreen can work for you!