BeefyGreen Products

Love the Future of Food

BeefyGreen is made from the highest quality, hand-selected oyster mushrooms. BeefyGreen is pasteurized, so it is food-safe and ready to prepare the moment it arrives. BeefyGreen products are designed to mimic meat in every way, so that they can be used in traditional recipes and preparations for the same juicy, flavorful, meaty satisfaction.  

BeefyGreen Essential

Our pure, pasteurized hearts-of-mushroom product, ready for all kinds of blending and processing.

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BeefyGreen Premium

We blend our mushrooms with proteins and natural extracts to add flavor and nutrition. BeefyGreen Premium is available as a vegan product which uses vegetable proteins, or as a vegetarian product that uses egg whites.

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BeefyGreen Tartare

Our Tartare blend is pre-ground and packaged to mimic the taste and texture of ground beef, and cooks just like beef. BeefyGreen Tartare is ideal to use alone as a vegan meat product, or can be blended with ground or minced meat to add flavor and reduce calories in burgers, meatballs, sausages, and other preparations. 

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